Our Voice Acting History

Over 2000 Completed Voice over Projects of all sizes

Beginning in 1991 God allowed Shawn to become involved in radio as both an on-air personality and as a studio engineer/editor.  Out of this experience grew a God given interest in voice acting as well as the experience of editing voice over/commerical projects.  But it was not until 2010 that our family started doing what is known as "voice acting" or "voice over" work.  Since then we have completed projects for over 2000 projects including, Coca-Cola, Acura, Ford, BMW, Honda, Learning Journey Toys, Quatroforce GDI Instruments, Verizon Wireless, Microsoft, NHL, CBS radio, BBC America, Matrix Insights, as well as numerous IFB ministries such as New England Baptist College,   and Valley Bible Baptist Church. We would love to help any IFB church or IFB missionary free of charge on small projects or at very low cost for larger ones. Contact us for more information.

Media Ministries